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Restyle Diaries: Uptight to Just Right!

Most of you probably know by now that one of our favorite things to do at The Tailor Maid is restyle your older or perhaps out-of-date garments. We take great pride in our creative visions and our ability to update almost any style of clothing to fit today’s modern looks.

Take a look at how our skilled fitters and tailors transformed this very “90s-esque” wrap sweater into a more relaxed, bohemian inspired style:


In just a few steps, such as removing the belt and  loops that wrapped this sweater, and moving a button so the sweater buttoned in front, we’ve achieved a much different look. We’ve also added a few darts in back to give this sweater some shape, and we’ve got a whole new look!


There are many ways to restyle a garment–do you have trendy, outdated clothing in your closet that needs a bit of a “face lift?” Bring your garments into the The Tailor Maid today and have us overhaul your wardrobe!!
See you soon!

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If Clothing Could Talk–the Diary of a Restyled Jacket.

We all know that old saying, “if walls could talk.”  We’d all love to know what kind of stories walls would share with us. But wouldn’t it be even better if clothing could talk? They could tell us about that time they traveled to Europe, about the time they got lost in that suitcase and ended up in China; or about that fabulous dinner party last year, and how that mustard stain really got there!

Our clothing can tell the stories of our lives.  And now, one jacket is going to have a new story of its own!

One of our clients recently brought to us one of her favorite suits that was in need of some tender love and care. The suit was expensive and special, though a little old and dated. She turned to The Tailor Maid for our expert experience in garment restyling!


The jacket needed to be shortened in length, which was not without its challenges. This required getting a little creative–the zippered panel would need to be removed in order to achieve a shorter length for a more updated look.

Once the zipper panel was removed,  the jacket could easily be shortened to a more updated look.

We also closed the back center pleat and removed a randomly placed button. The result is a much cleaner look.

Finally, the long sleeve placket with all those buttons was shortened to a stylish length, and the buttons were “stacked,” as is the style today.

Take a look at the results!

The suit pants also got a bit of love: we removed the waistband on the pants to give her a more modern style, and also to give her bit more room!

The result of the outfit restyle is night and day, and now this suit has been saved from retirement in the back of a closet, and  is now ready to start making more memories and stories!

The Tailor Maid specializes in garment restyling in all shapes and forms. We love putting our skills and creativity to work to give your wardrobe new life! Come and see us today and let us extend the long and happy lives of your favorite garments!


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