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Winter Blues, Begone!

One of our specialties at The Tailor Maid is using our keen eye for restyling older or outdated garments–and what better time of year to show you the wonders we can do to an old, dated winter coat?!

Watch as sad & drab becomes short & chic!


By shortening the jacket length, tapering wide sleeves, and a little expert tailoring in the shoulders, this old coat has been saved from it’s hiding place in the back of the closet and has been given a fabulous new life as a more streamlined pea coat!


Even in California, winter coats are a must, and we know they can be expensive! This season, pull an old favorite out of your closet and bring it in to The Tailor Maid for a new look!

We’ll see you soon!



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Not Your Year for a New Coat?

Winter is just around the corner, and we all know what that means–time to break out the winter wear!! A nice winter jacket can mean big bucks, so here are some ways to update your existing outerwear wardrobe instead of shopping for a new coat this year!

You’ll save hundreds of dollars while keeping a well loved garment in your closet–The Tailor Maid says it’s a win-win winter idea!!

Take a look at a few great examples of taking these dated winter jackets and transforming them into current fashionable pieces!

Removing bulk and large trendy pockets, along with streamlining the fit and adjusting a hem length can make all the difference in the world!

Adjusting large shoulder pads and shortening a jacket hem has totally transformed this blazer!

Come in to The Tailor Maid today and we’ll tailor your winder wardrobe to perfection!

See you soon!


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All in the Details!

With every fresh fashion season, skirt hem lines are apt to rise and fall, and pant legs can shift from super-skinny to sailor width. These nuances in the silhouette are just as important as the next “it” bag, and The Tailor Maid is here to make sure that whatever this season’s style may bring, it looks right on YOU!

We’ve been seeing some longer skirts this fall, and we’re personally loving the nostalgic feeling of the classic knee length look. One thing to be sure of when choosing and/or hemming your skirts is to make sure that just the right amount of leg is featured. If your skirt is too long and hits in the middle of your calf, you can end up looking stumpy and unpolished, or if your skirt is too short, your outfit can loose it’s chicness.  The exact length of a skirt MATTERS!


Wide legged jeans are also quite popular this season, and this style of pant can be the statement piece of a chic and powerful outfit, no doubt about it! Fit is SO important when it comes to wide legged pants–with so much extra volume in the legs, the fit of your seat is going to be even more crucial, along with the length of your pant hem. Making sure that the seat is snug (but not too snug!) will save you from looking like your pants are two sizes too big, and a proper hem length will save the day–a tad too short with those wide legs and you’re in trouble!

So stop by The Tailor Maid and we’ll help you pull off this season’s looks with ease! The details in how your clothing fits your body are so important, and is what truly makes your wardrobe YOURS. Come in today and let us work our magic!

See you soon!


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The LBD; a [holiday] must have!

LBD: a little black dress, an important staple of every woman’s closet, and an abbreviation that should go without explanation.

The LBD is an essential garment that every woman either already does or definitely should own. It should be timeless, make you feel like a million bucks, and most importantly, it should fit wonderfully. The holidays are upon us, and if you don’t have a little black number in your closet that you can pull out and look effortlessly chic, well, there’s never been a better time to get one!

They come in countless styles, lengths, sizes, and silhouettes, so true to fashion (no pun intended!) you’ve got lots of choices. No matter what you choose though, we can’t stress enough how important the fit of a garment–especially the LBD–really is.

When it comes to fit, our  fitting and tailoring experts at The Tailor Maid can help you look like that million dollar gal you are. We know just where to tuck, pinch, shorten, and stitch to make sure your LBD is ready for the holidays!

We can also update your older or out of style little black dress too! You’d be surprised how often a hem length, sleeve shape, or neckline can completely change a garment!

Here we raised the hem length, shortened the sleeves, and lowered the neckline–Ta Da! We’re back in style and ready for a night out on the town.

Want a great alternative to a LBD? Easy–LRD; the little RED dress! (We strongly recommend you own one of these too!)  Still classic and chic, great in a pinch, and totally fun!

So whether you own one LBD or twenty, The Tailor Maid will make sure they all fit perfectly. Our tailors will have you ready and rocking  for the holidays!


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