“You can totally wear it again!”

If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid in a wedding party, then surely while trying on dresses, you must have heard a happy bride-to-be exclaim at one point or another, “and the best part is, you can shorten it and wear it again!” Well, we’ll be honest with you–most of the time, that isn’t completely true.  Even a shortened bridesmaid’s dress can still scream “wedding party.”

Fortunately, The Tailor Maid has just the right eye (and team of tailors!) to transform that dress into a true “you can wear it again” look!

Which brings us to the quickly approaching Valentine’s Day–what better time to debut a re-styled and newly fabulous dress? Whether it’s out to dinner with your honey or a singles night with your ladies, no matter how you decide to celebrate, you’re sure to look fabulous while actually pulling off the “wear it again” wedding party urban legend.

The Tailor Maid can not only shorten that dress, but also add or remove design elements, add straps to a strapless design, and of course tailor it to perfection.

Come by and see us today with your bridesmaid’s dress (or any other dress for that matter!) and we’ll get you on your way for a Valentine’s Day dinner in style!

We’ll see you soon!



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One response to ““You can totally wear it again!”

  1. What’s good with tailor made clothes is they can be worn again with a different look and style. This is a perfect way to save money in getting another dress for your next night out or party. Instead of getting a new dress, get your old clothes be altered for a new look and style.

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