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All in the Details!

With every fresh fashion season, skirt hem lines are apt to rise and fall, and pant legs can shift from super-skinny to sailor width. These nuances in the silhouette are just as important as the next “it” bag, and The Tailor Maid is here to make sure that whatever this season’s style may bring, it looks right on YOU!

We’ve been seeing some longer skirts this fall, and we’re personally loving the nostalgic feeling of the classic knee length look. One thing to be sure of when choosing and/or hemming your skirts is to make sure that just the right amount of leg is featured. If your skirt is too long and hits in the middle of your calf, you can end up looking stumpy and unpolished, or if your skirt is too short, your outfit can loose it’s chicness.  The exact length of a skirt MATTERS!


Wide legged jeans are also quite popular this season, and this style of pant can be the statement piece of a chic and powerful outfit, no doubt about it! Fit is SO important when it comes to wide legged pants–with so much extra volume in the legs, the fit of your seat is going to be even more crucial, along with the length of your pant hem. Making sure that the seat is snug (but not too snug!) will save you from looking like your pants are two sizes too big, and a proper hem length will save the day–a tad too short with those wide legs and you’re in trouble!

So stop by The Tailor Maid and we’ll help you pull off this season’s looks with ease! The details in how your clothing fits your body are so important, and is what truly makes your wardrobe YOURS. Come in today and let us work our magic!

See you soon!



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We Love Leather!

Be it uptown, downtown, biker, or bomber chic—we love leather! The Tailor Maid is not only experienced and skilled with traditional clothing alterations and restyling, but we alter leather too!

Leather is a luxurious and fashionable statement piece that lots of folks just love to have in their wardrobe. It is versatile, flexible, and can last a lifetime. If there is a downside to a great leather jacket or pair of pants, it can be that such a piece can be easily dated. Leather jackets are often created with very loud and hard design elements, which can seemingly speed up its life-cycle.

Luckily, we’ll be your savior when your leather needs a makeover! We have transformed many leather (and suede, too!) looks over the years, leaving our customers feeling happy, rejuvenated, and fondly reacquainted with their leather lovelies.

So don’t toss that leather jacket when you think it has past it’s fashion peak—we can give your leather a new look and make you fall in love all over again!

Above: let us add a leopard lining to your leather–say THAT three times fast!

We can reline with bold fabric, remove awesome 80’s shoulder pads, and even tailor a too-large jacket to fit! Come and see us at The Tailor Maid today and we’ll give your leather a whole new look!

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Great Lengths.

With summer on the horizon and vacations to be taken, it’s probable that you might have a pair of capris or cropped jeans waiting to be packed in your suitcase. While these two lengths of pants are the most recognizable hem lengths when it comes to summer trouser options, don’t forget the rest of the family!

There are more hem lengths now than ever to choose from, including our new-found favorite, the 7/8ths jean, from companies like J Brand. But not to worry–we’ll run through all your options so you can choose just the right length for your body type!

What’s more? Whatever length you choose, The Tailor Maid will hem them to your liking. We’re always here to help you make these decisions–especially when you’ve got so many options to choose from! Read on for a run-down of all the great hem lengths, and a little info about each one!



Technically a short, but almost a pant–meet the Bermuda short.  The Bermudas hit right above the knee (usually 1″ above) and are a semi-casual form of dress. Also known as a walking short, they can be worn (or hemmed) either cuffed or un-cuffed.

Clam Diggers:

Clam Diggers

This length is just a tiny bit longer than the Bermuda short, but still shorter than a pedal pusher or capri (keep reading, we’re getting to them!) Clam diggers hit just below the knee, and can often be longer pants that are intended to be cuffed to this length.  Historically, this was the length that pants or skirts/dresses had to be hiked up to whilst wading in the water, digging for clams. Hence, the name!

Pedal Pushers:

Pedal Pushers

Another appropriately named hem, this time for a trouser short enough so that it would not get caught on the pedals of your bicycle while ridding. This hem hits right at the top of the calf muscle.



Just a smidge longer than a pedal pusher, but the same idea. Depending on fabric, capris can be dressy or casual, and a single pair can often take you from day through night with ease. (*Fashionista’s note: Capris can be a tricky fit for a lot of people–make sure that they don’t chop you off and make you look stumpy or shorter than you really are, as they are known to do at times! The hem width can be a make-it-or-break-it aspect of your pant here.)



Cropped pants are longer than capri pants and pedal pushers, but still are not a full trouser.  The hem hits mid calf, well above the ankle. Many cuts of cropped pants are available, and aren’t strictly meant for summer! (Add tights, heels, a belt, and cardigan, and “hello, Fall!”)


7/8th pant

Like we said, our new favorite look.  The 7/8th jean ideally hits 3″ above the ankle bone, perfect for showing off those dancing feet. The neat thing here is, you can simply cuff a pair of your fave jeans into this new length for a new spin on your outfit! The 7/8ths jean from J Brand even come with a ruler, to make sure you get the hem length right! Too cute, J Brand.



Last but not least, before we get all the way down to a regular hem, we have the floods, also known as high waters. Longer than the 7/8ths, but not a full hem. We recommend wearing this hem cuffed to the flood length, in order to avoid the “my pants are just too short” look!

With so many nuances of lengths to wade through, we get that you might be overwhelmed. So our top tips for deciding on your pant length?

  • No matter which style you choose, make sure the length is deliberate and decisive, so your pants don’t end up just looking too short.
  • Make sure you choose a length that doesn’t cut you off at your widest part. (IE if you have thicker calves, maybe steer clear of capris and try something either shorter or longer, that shows off a smaller part of your leg.)
  • Also be conscious of your height when choosing your hems–if you’re on the shorter side, show off a little more leg!
  • Changing your hem length is a great way to update your pants! You can take one pair, hem them about a dozen times, and end up with tons and tons of looks, for a 12th of the price!

Hopefully this list of all the “great lengths” has opened your eyes to more outfit possibilities, and we bet your shoes will be happy to share the spotlight for the summer 🙂 Oh, and when your significant other tosses your “line dry only” slacks in the dryer, you’ve got one fabulous–OK, like seven!–back up plans.

Try companies like Ann Taylor, J Brand, Victoria’s Secret, or Banana Republic for a wide variety of offered hem lengths.

Bring your pants, of every length, to The Tailor Maid today and let us hem your pants to perfection, no matter what length you choose!


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