Meet our Tailors

We are an experienced team of fitters and on-site tailors & seamstresses, here to make sure you look your best!

Meet our staff at the Stanford Shopping Center:

Betty Quiazon, Seamstress

Betty has enjoyed sewing nearly all of her life, and specializes in menswear, delicate work, and hand sewing. We are happy to have had Betty here with us at The Tailor Maid for over 14 years!

Nhan & Son Pham, Seamstress & Tailor

Nhan and Son are our husband and wife tailoring team. Between them, they boast over 50 years of practice and expertise. Nhan specializes in bridal wear and formal attire, and Son is adept in both mens’ and womens’ wear with great attention to detail.

Nina Tran, Seamstress

Nina comes to us with 26 years of sewing experience. She has previously worked as a fashion designer in Vietnam. Nina is a speedy, yet careful, worker who excels in women’s wear, fine detailing, and bridal attire.


We appreciate Mily’s work at both at our Standford and Hillsdale locations! Originally from China, she has detailed experience in pattern making and draping. She is passionate about sewing and creating beautiful work.

Efrat Berman, Manager










Efrat has been with The Tailor Maid for 6 years, and is skilled in expert fittings and great customer service!

Kate Seavey, Manager

Kate has been sewing since an early age, and comes to The Tailor Maid from a very creative background, which includes  costume design, pattern making, and custom garment construction. She has a degree in Textiles, Merchandising & Design from the University of Rhode Island and joined our team in the Spring of 2009.

Meet our staff at the Hillsdale Shopping Center:

Mika, Manager

Mika has been with us for over 20 years! She joined The Tailor Maid from the Kabuki Theater in 1988, and is a loyal and highly skilled employee who takes wonderful care of our Hillsdale location.

Ana Maria, Manager

We welcome Ana Maria as a new employee who partners with Mika as a manager at our Hillsdale location. She is taking on many new tasks and we are glad to have her as part of the team!

May, Seamstress

May, our part time seamstress is fast fast fast! We value her well developed sewing skills and count on her to keep us ahead of our workload.

Beverly Nadine, Owner

Beverly Nadine left a successful career as a commercial real estate broker for the entrepreneurial path and founded The Tailor Maid in 1986.  Beverly is an expert fitter and is very skilled in creative solutions to achieve perfect fitting garments.   She is also a happy grandmother of seven!


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