Beauty and the Bathing Suit

We all know the annual stress caused by the return of bathing suit season.  When the hunt is on for that perfect suit, keep the power of the one-piece in mind! In recent years, the one-piece bathing suit has returned as a chic, comfortable, and flattering shape for the sand.

If your suit needs a little tweaking, don’t forget–we alter bathing suits too! A little nip or tuck here or there can make the difference between a suit that works and a suit that really fits. Bring your trunks to The Tailor Maid this summer and we’ll stitch you up to perfection!

For example: If your bathing suit top shows a little too much skin, look how we can sew up the front or add snaps to make the neckline work just for you!


Just a slight adjustment can make so much of a difference!


So once you’ve found that perfect bathing suit, stop by The Tailor Maid and let us take a look! We want you to turn heads this summer, so put your faith (and your suit!) in our hands and let us tailor you to perfection.

Happy Swimming!



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One response to “Beauty and the Bathing Suit

  1. Kimmy

    Where can I get that lime green one piece? I absolutely love it!

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