More bathing suit magic!

So by now, you’ve found that *almost* perfect bathing suit, have hopefully worn it a few times, and have avoided any painful sunburns so far this summer. I say “almost” not to insult your suit, but we all know that perfection is very hard to come by, especially in a bathing suit!  As we find so often to be true, the saying “its all in the details” rings true once again.

If your a halter top lover, I’m sure you might have experienced that annoying flouncy bow at the back of your neck from time to time, especially if you’ve got a suit with a thicker strap. Did you know we can change that closure too? Well, now you do. We can remove the extra fabric meant to tie in a knot or bow, and replace it with a swimsuit clip to reduce all that bulk–Ta Dah!! Life is simple again.



Bring your suit to The Tailor Maid today and let us work our magic on your summer suit!



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