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Restyle Diaries: Uptight to Just Right!

Most of you probably know by now that one of our favorite things to do at The Tailor Maid is restyle your older or perhaps out-of-date garments. We take great pride in our creative visions and our ability to update almost any style of clothing to fit today’s modern looks.

Take a look at how our skilled fitters and tailors transformed this very “90s-esque” wrap sweater into a more relaxed, bohemian inspired style:


In just a few steps, such as removing the belt and  loops that wrapped this sweater, and moving a button so the sweater buttoned in front, we’ve achieved a much different look. We’ve also added a few darts in back to give this sweater some shape, and we’ve got a whole new look!


There are many ways to restyle a garment–do you have trendy, outdated clothing in your closet that needs a bit of a “face lift?” Bring your garments into the The Tailor Maid today and have us overhaul your wardrobe!!
See you soon!

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