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Travel the World in Style!

We all know that looking your best can be a challenge sometimes when you’re on the go.  If you’re a jet setter, a frequent traveler, or just on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is how your clothes are going to look when you open up that suitcase, which probably had a rougher journey than you just did.

So enjoy these  travel tips to make sure your wardrobe arrives to your destination in one piece! Read on to also receive a great offer from Going in Style, Stanford Shopping Center’s unique travel store that features clothing and travel accessories!

1. Layer Layer Layer!

To avoid over-packing, bring pieces that will layer nicely and can mix and match to form different outfits. This way, you can add or remove garments to create new looks, but your suitcase won’t weight a ton.

2. Accessorize!

While we’re talking about mixing and matching, don’t forget to pack accessories! Accessories can often be left off the list when pulling together your travel bags, but don’t leave them behind! You’d be surprised how much of a difference they actually can make to your outfits, not to mention how dramatically they can change your look. The same few pieces can look totally different when you switch out a few accessories and pull down your ponytail.

3. Leave the Linen at Home!

Pack fabrics that will travel well and be resistant to wrinkles. Wool and silk are good choices, along with natural/synthetic blends (example: 100% cotton is going to wrinkle much more than a poly/cotton blend).  Fabrics that breathe, don’t show dirt, and are easy to launder are also great choices for one on the go. You don’t want to look like a wrinkled mess at a business meeting or in all your vacay photos, so leave that linen at home!

4. Roll it up

Be efficient in HOW you pack your clothes. Try the roll-up method to thwart wrinkles and maximize your storage space. Place tissue paper in your delicate items when rolling to protect your nice blouses or sweaters, or anything with fancy buttons,  or detailing that may snag fabric. With this method of packing, you can see more of what you have packed for less rummage time! (Plus, they’re kind of pretty!)

5. Be prepared

Pack something for both ends of the event spectrum–there is nothing worse (well, ok, there are worse things) than being surprised with a fancy dinner invitation when all you’ve packed are safari clothes. Take along a casual dress and some jeans and sneakers, because sometimes, you just don’t know what you’ll end up doing. Let the girl scout in you shine through by thinking ahead!

Going somewhere soon?  The Tailor Maid also offers an EXPRESS SERVICE! For those times when you need quick hems or an emergency alteration, we can have it ready for you in under 48 hours so you won’t miss that flight!

Also, for you travel-istas: when you visit Going In Style at the Stanford Shopping Center and mention The Tailor Maid, you’ll receive 10% off your purchase! This offer is good throughout the month of May and is valid for regularly priced merchandise. Enjoy!

Well, you’re ready to enjoy your vacation or business trip, worry free! We can’t promise your flight will be on time, but now you’ll be less stressed to arrive in style…no matter what time that is!

Bon Voyage!

–The Tailor Maid


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