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Get your rear in gear!

You know that saying, “hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave?”  THE TAILOR MAID will make that cheeky slogan work for you!

You are on your own regarding your New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym and that miracle shake  we are all waiting for, we know that is a dream.  But we CAN offer you a helping hand when it comes to cleaning up the fit of your pants…you know, back there, the “rear view”!

Often times, when looking in the mirror we spend most of our time studying our frontal appearance and  sometimes overlook the way we look …from behind. It’s not just your jeans that need to fit well “back there”, so don’t leave your casual and dress slacks in the dust.

Orkney Pinstripe slacks from Bonobos

Menswear company Bonobos has built their company on just this idea, so clearly we aren’t the only ones concerned with how your toosh looks. Check out their website; they have the right idea and are definitely on to something!  Their pants feature a curved waistband to provide great fit in the waist and seat. Now it’s not to say this is a completely revolutionary idea, since that’s how womens pants are usually put together but, it is a first for men’s slacks, so we applaud the attention to detail. Even if you don’t have a curved (contouring) waistband, we can help you achieve a fantastic fitting seat.

Here are three ways we can help you look your very best, from the rear!

1. Fine Tune

If you always grab the same size off the rack , you might want to try a different size and especially a different style. Every brand, cut and fabric is different, often the same size will be different!  The same color and style can be  different often amazingly different.  This is the reason at The Tailor Maid we insist you try on each pair of pants individually.  Adjusting your waist, seat, and crotch (even if it is just a little bit!) can make an important difference.

Is your bum a bit “droopy”?  Does the pant crotch hang too low, no problem—we can make those adjustments for you.  So just take a good second look and make sure your size fits you well and the style makes you look terrific. We are always welcome here if you need a second opinion or a consultation. You will always hear an honest assessment and remember, if you are in between sizes, always go for the bigger size.

2. Create/lengthen darts

The purpose of a dart is to contour fabric to your body, making a flat plane of fabric lay nicely on a 3-dimensional surface. By adding or adjusting existing darts, we can manipulate the fit of your garment, especially in the seat area. Your shape is most likely not the same as the model, so in most cases, darts need to be tweaked a bit to make the pants yours.

3. Lower your waistband

We all know this, but it’s worth repeating: we all have different body types. Sometimes a fitting challenge doesn’t fall into an obvious category. Typically we think of fit as a vertical issue, meaning the length. A more detailed alteration is horizontal, raising or lowering a waistband or a crotch. This takes an expert eye and luckily, we are your experts!

When you unsure about the fit of a garment, the color or the style, just bring it in! We are always happy to take a look at your clothing, and we love giving our opinion! We promise to send you away looking fabulous… head to toe, vertically, horizontally,  and all 360 degrees!

–The Tailor Maid


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