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Find Hidden Investments in Your Closet this Season!

The Tailor Maid duplicated this customers favorite kimono using this gorgeous pink silk, the fabric was approximately $300.00. Our workmanship was under $300.00.

We noticed this beautiful kimono is featured in an online advertisement for luxury lingerie for over $2000.00. WOW!! Do you have a garment you love? Do you envision a newer version? The Tailor Maid will do this for you! Bring in your fabric and your garment for an estimate.



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Lace is Everywhere!

Let THE TAILOR MAID add lace or sleeves to your favorite garments. We can take a bit of fabric from the hem and extend the shoulder, or we can add an entire sleeve from lace!


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Popular, Pretty Ponchos!



Is your beautiful shawl still easy to wear?  Or, does it slip off your shoulders, fall to the floor, off the chair?  It’s a favorite color, lovely print, perfect for travel, soft fabric, right?


Would you like to know how to make this essential part of your wardrobe even more versatile, easier to wear and achieve a whole new look?  Let The Tailor Maid restyle that beloved shawl into a… PONCHO! 



Visit or Call us Today!

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Fur Magic!

Fur Magic

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January 31, 2013 · 4:25 pm

New Fall 2012 Colors!

Let The Tailor Maid Inspire You!

Check out the new fall colors and then come on in and check out what THE TAILOR MAID can do for you!!

Get Ready For a New Season!

Time to clean out your wardrobe?….slightly too big, too long, need cuffs…give those garments a chance to be a FAVORITE!!!  Does that zipper not zip? One button missing? Tiny tear in a seam? Little hole in a sweater?  We can help your garments look SHARP!!
In-home Fittings:  Call 650-328-8858  for an appointment.  Private, efficient and fun!
Could pant cuffs be making a 2012 Fall appearance?  THE TAILOR MAID might be able to add that fashion statement.
Come into the store, sign up and join the “fun”.  Join Bev, Efrat and Diane:  Set Your Goals, Sign Up and START LOSING…TO WIN!

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The Tailor Maid LUVS You!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at The Tailor Maid!

Whether you celebrate this pink & red day of love and mushy cards or not, we are seeing hearts for all our customers–and what better day to say “WE LOVE YOU!”

That February chill has set in, and most of us probably have our eyes set on spring at this point. Why not bring in a little red (or pink!) number and get ready for that warmer weather! Perhaps you need a hem shortened, a waistline altered, or some straps added to your favorite little colorful dress–whatever the alteration may be, we are here for you!

Even better?  All through February, bring us any red or pink article of clothing and receive 20% off your alteration!

We at The Tailor Maid hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day, and we’ll see you soon!


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Save BIG at The Tailor Maid!

The holiday season has come and gone, and though we hate to pack up our decorations and good tidings until next December, January brings us something almost as fun– post-holiday sales!!

Steals & deals after Christmas is over can range from “great” to “downright amazing.While you’re saving at the stores, swing by and save at The Tailor Maid too! We know you’re bound to be hitting the mall this month (and if you weren’t before, you are now!) and odds are, some of your great garment snags might need a little bit of tweaking to make them just the right shape and size.

That’s where we come in–The Tailor Maid is keeping up with super store deals this year by offering you a discount on ALL of our tailoring services!! Simply print this article and come on by the store with your goodies, and whether they be pants or pillows, save 10% off your alterations this month!

We love having you as our customers, and trying to help you save a little green this January is just one of the ways we want to say “thank you!” and “we totally love your loyalty.”

So thanks for making The Tailor Maid your number one stop for quality alterations, and come see us again soon after your bargain hunting shopping spree!

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