New Fall 2012 Colors!

Let The Tailor Maid Inspire You!

Check out the new fall colors and then come on in and check out what THE TAILOR MAID can do for you!!

Get Ready For a New Season!

Time to clean out your wardrobe?….slightly too big, too long, need cuffs…give those garments a chance to be a FAVORITE!!!  Does that zipper not zip? One button missing? Tiny tear in a seam? Little hole in a sweater?  We can help your garments look SHARP!!
In-home Fittings:  Call 650-328-8858  for an appointment.  Private, efficient and fun!
Could pant cuffs be making a 2012 Fall appearance?  THE TAILOR MAID might be able to add that fashion statement.
Come into the store, sign up and join the “fun”.  Join Bev, Efrat and Diane:  Set Your Goals, Sign Up and START LOSING…TO WIN!

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