Who Wears Short Shorts?

From bell-bottoms to stirrup pants, fashion has seen so many fads & trends come and go like the wind. Trendy pieces, hemlines & silhouettes keep fashion exciting and keeps us on our toes, yet can sometimes come back to haunt us the following year when we open our closet doors and everything is “SO last season.”

Luckily, The Tailor Maid is here to save you from fashion’s looks gone by. We’ll taper those wide leg jeans, reduce your lapels, and update those hemlines. A great style (and money!) saver this spring is re-styling your shorts! Take an old pair of too-long Bermudas and hem them to a great, ready-for-warm-weather length! Take a look at this dowdy pair and their new updated look!



Simple alterations can save your wardrobe, one garment at a time! Take a look and see what pieces could use some makeover attention, and bring them on over!
We’ll see you soon!



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